A good sunscreen will not clear up your skin, but a good sunscreen is the one of the strongest weapons in anyone's skin care arsenal. Preventing, in terms of aging and pigmentation, is far easier than treating and a good sunscreen does exactly that.

Sunscreen essentially prevents through protection. It shields your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, preventing sun damage and dark spots (like age spots or acne marks) from getting worse.

However, as great as sunscreen is, it is also a very tricky product. Its ingredients can be irritating and break some people out. It can make your face look paler than your neck in photographs. And it may make your skin feel heavy, greasy, or dry. On top of that, even if you find a sunscreen that feels good and agrees with your skin, it might not offer the best protection from the sun.

Those of you lucky enough to find a sunscreen that doesn't break you out, feels good on your skin, and has high SPF and PPD, must also be smart enough to wear sunscreen the right way. Otherwise, you could have the best sunscreen in the world, but improper application would greatly detract from its potential protection.

Here are some tips to help you navigate sunscreen's slippery slope:

By wearing a stable sunscreen that protects against a broad range of UV rays, you will enable your skin to stay young and healthy.

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