Question: How do I know if my cleanser removes sunscreen completely?


Sunscreen, especially waterproof ones, are best removed with oil-based cleansers. If your cleanser has oils in it (i.e. milky, cream, or cleansing oils), it will probably be able to properly remove your sunscreen. To tell if sunscreen is removed completely, take a close look at your skin after you finish washing.

If the water droplets on your skin look very round and bubble-like (like how water droplets look on a water-proof or oily surface), then you probably still have traces of sunscreen on your skin. If this is the case, consider using cleansing oils or makeup removers.

You can also give your cleanser the toner or mirror test. For the toner test, wipe on some toner (or even plain oil) after washing your face and if there is anything left on the cotton pad, then your cleanser is not removing sunscreen properly.

For the mirror test, touch your skin while it's still damp (after cleansing) and wipe your finger a on a mirror. If the water streaks are clean and clear, then your cleanser is doing a good job washing off sunscreen. If it ends up white or murky, then you probably need a better cleanser to remove your sunscreen completely or you need to use a makeup remover beforehand.

Last updated: September 27, 2012

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