Question: Is mineral makeup really better for your skin?


In my experience, I haven’t seen any significant skin improvements after switching to mineral makeup, both drugstore and department store brands.

Some mineral makeups make my skin itch because of the bismuth ingredient in them. Other people are sensitive to the talc ingredient, although there are many talc-free mineral makeups on the market today.

Texture wise, I find that mineral makeup (the powder kind) never looks natural on my face. Even if I buff in a light layer of powder with a Kabuki brush, the powder always seem to settle into my facial lines and pores, making them look even bigger.

However, mineral makeup can be a godsend for those with skin sensitive to the silicone ingredient found in many non-mineral liquid foundations and concealers. I know some people, who have always broken out from other makeup, maintain clear skin with mineral makeup. So, it all depends on your skin.

On another note, mineral makeup does not provide adequate sun protection (even those with SPF) and some may even destabilize sunscreen.

Would I sleep with mineral make up on? Probably not. Will mineral makeup clear up my skin? I doubt it (unless the makeup you were using before was breaking you out). Is mineral makeup really better for your skin? I'm inclined to say no, but it has been helpful for other people.

Last updated: September 23, 2012

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