Question: What can I do with old products or ones that didn't work?


I have box full of old skin care products that I no longer use. Most of them didn't work for my skin and some of them just fell out of favor. Some store return policies will allow refunds for used skin care products, but I always feel bad returning something I already used (this is why I always try to get samples before buying a full product).

To not let all that money and all those products go to waste, here are some ideas for how you can use up old skin care products and give them new life:

  1. Use old cleansers as hand soap. Or to wash your glasses, makeup brushes, and other beauty tools.

  2. Use old scrubs on your legs and feet (body skin is a lot tougher than facial skin).

  3. Use facial moisturizers on your neck, hands, and body.

  4. Use old treatment products on your hands, feet, legs, and arms. (However, if these treatment products make you more sensitive to the sun, make sure you wear sunscreen on your body parts as well as your face.)

  5. Use disagreeable sunscreens on your neck, hands, arms, and legs.

  6. Swap or trade your old products with other people online (Note: Please do not swap expired products or ones with less than 0.1 ounce of product left.)

  7. Donate! There are many women out there who can use some free stuff and random acts of kindness. (Again, please do not donate expired products.)

There isn't much you can do with your old skin care products, but anything you use on your face can be used up on your body. If I throw away a product that hasn't been finished, I usually scoop the product into the trash and recycle the bottle it came in.

Last updated: September 23, 2012

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