Question: Will I breakout from a cleansing oil?


Probably not. But I do know a few people who have broken out from using a cleansing oil. I hate to say it, but it all depends on your skin because everyone's skin is different.

Generally, if a cleansing oil is rinsed cleanly from your skin, it shouldn't be an issue. Some cleansing oils leave a film of some sort that may prove problematic for acne-prone skin. Other cleansing oils are overly drying and from my experience, harsh products can also breakout your skin.

To check if a cleansing oil leaves any residue, do a mirror test. Wash your face with the cleansing oil and while your skin is still damp, run a finger along your cheek and then wipe it across a mirror. If the water droplets from your skin are clear, the cleansing oil is rinsing cleanly. If they appear white or murky, then you may need to follow up with a second cleanser.

Cleansing oil ingredients are also important things to consider. Check to see what oil is the main oil used for the cleansing oil and see if your skin can handle that particular kind. For example, some people don't do well with mineral oil and must avoid cleansing oils with a mineral oil base. Jojoba oil, mineral oil, and olive oil are some of the more common cleansing oil bases.

If you are worried about a cleansing oil breaking you out, you can always use a cleansing oil and then follow up with a second cleanser. With that being said, there are no guarantees for whether a cleansing oil will break you out, but in my opinion, cleansing oils are pretty safe for most skin types.

Last updated: September 17, 2012

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